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How to download Youtube music & video for free?

  • STEP 1: copy video page URL from youtube via your internet browser or youtube native app (share).
  • STEP 2: paste copied addrress into the search field above and hit the red button. Wait a second.
  • STEP 3: now select desired download format and save youtube to mp3 or mp4 on your device for free.
  • Download videos & music from many websites

    Ka4ay is a new, fast and easy method of downloading video from Youtube and converting it to mp3. It's free and doesn't require registration. No need to download any apps, which will only work with one video site and fail on the next. Or exist only on smartphone, but not Windows laptop. All you need to download Youtube mp4 videos is internet access and a browser. And no need to wrap your head around the need to find new app for every new site you partake. Ka4ay can download video and audio from hundreds of websites. All you need is the video URL address. The rest is our job (and specialty)!

    Download videos from Youtube

    Here you can download videos from Youtube quick, easy and without registration. Use out Youtube search to find videos and download them.

    Download Youtube mp3 for free

    If you're looking to download some fresh Youtube music, we can help! Our awesome youtube to mp3 converter will work on that day and night!

    Download Instagram video & audio

    Instagram is full of videos and even cool music lately. Try Ka4ay and you will see video downloads from Instagram are as easy as piece-o-cake.

    Download whole Youtube movies

    Use our Youtube search to find full-fledged movies and download them to watch later offline without any back-and-forth data usage and buffering.

    Download VK videos and music

    Find some great video on VK? We can help download that video in its highest quality. Also convert Vkontakte videos to mp3 and download VK Music.

    Even download video playlists

    Yes, if you have a big playlist from Youtube or other sites, we can list all videos from it, and you can pick which ones to download or convert to mp3.

    Don't stream music online. Download & save!

    Youtube wants you to stream music online. They want you to spend your monthly data limit on multiple views of same video. They want you to click ads, to spend time on their site, etc. Same for other apps and websites, they only hit you in your wallet type of thing... And did you know that you could download music and video from youtube, vkontakte and other sites directly to your phone or laptop and enjoy it offline? Why would you spend data online, when download cuts off all the extra access charges - just get it once, and enjoy later many times. It doesn't depend on your device or system, it works on Android, Windows, Apple devices, etc. As long as you got internet browser and are online - there's no limit to what videos you can download. Don't stream - download once and forget about data overages. And all the friends will be jealous, asking where you got this new song, how can you afford always have fresh music from the radio? Well, it's all on youtube, and you know how to get it by using Ka4ay!

    Download Youtube music faster with bookmark

    We know, life these days are fast, everyone wants stuff faster, pre-cooked, ordered ahead... So we decided to cater to impatient crowd too, we now have this bookmarklet below. What it does is like this: whn you're on youtube on other video site, watching a video you'd like to download, hit this bookmark. It will instantly copy the video URL, bring you here and paste URL into the search box above. So you won't have to do a thing, just hit the bookmark 1 time, and after 2-3 seconds all download options will be lined up in front of you. The only step missing here is preparation: first you need to save this bookmarklet into your browser's bookmarks. Usually you can drag-n-drop it into the bookmarks, if they are open. Or copy this bookmark URL, add new bookmark and insert the URL. The URL I keep talking about is important, as it it s bit of Javascript that helps to glue page URL to the request to open Ka4ay. All works together to make your experience here as fast and pleasant, as possible.

    Download video

    Please, note, if you click this button right now, it will not work, because it needs some video page. It does work great from bookmarks. Try and if you do not like it - simply remove the bookmark. It's a browser extension of some sorts, but just a bookmark...